Drive change thru workshops at ⚡️ lightning speed.

No more wasted time in meetings that accomplish little to nothing. We guide groups thru workshops to discover innovative solutions where everyone is aligned and bought in.
Design Sprint
We bring business, IT, and end users together to co-create a vision of the future.
Growth Sprint
We help teams create experiments to accelerate their growth.
Strategy Sprint
We help executive leaders create real actionable strategy centered around a problem, guiding outcome, and initiatives.
Change Management Sprint
We guide teams in creating a plan for change centered around building awareness, desire, and knowledge of pending changes.
AI Data Readiness Sprint
We help teams maximize their AI investments by identifying the right data to utilize at the right time.
Custom Workshop
We pull from our ever growing inventory of methods to custom design a workshop to solve your problem.



We have deep experience with global clients in finance, government, major brands, as well as high tech startups. We use our vast experience running over 100+ workshops to select the right methodology at the right time to deliver results.

No hidden agenda

Our facilitators bring an external perspective free from office politics. We are not looking to sell you resources for a never ending engagement. All we do is create an environment where every team member’s maximum potential is unlocked leading to unparalleled results and alignment.

Backed by science

Our techniques use neuroscience, design thinking, and behavior science to prevent unstructured conversation that prevents progress. We create white glove experiences to extract insights from a diverse, often times totally disconnected, group of decision makers. No more wasted time meeting, just results.


Everyone is special so is every workshop.

We customize every workshop to your unique situation so that each workshop is impactful and drives real lasting change.


We want to learn more about your problems. Book a call with Kenton, our lead facilitator.